Green Carpet Cleaning

The green cleaning products we use for office and house cleaning services are much milder and made especially to be used around children and pets. For example, the solution is made from natural ingredients, which results in a healthy and eco-friendly cleaning.

One of the most common problems with rugs, upholstery — even the ducts in your home — is their ability to trap and collect allergens and pet odors. This causes an unhealthy build up and recirculation throughout your living space. Fortunately, with regular professional cleaning, it's easy to have all traces of odors and allergens removed, ensuring your home is fresh, clean and allergen-free.

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Upholstery Cleaning With Sunny Steamers.

upholstery cleaning san antonio tx Upholstery Cleaning will quickly, effectively clean your favorite upholstered furniture, highlighting its attractive color and restoring its freshness.

Not only does Sunny Steamers upholstery cleaning bring back the stylish look of your favorite upholstered furniture, but you also avoid the high cost or replacement by extending its life. Your upholstered furniture will once again be delightful to look at, adding charm and beauty to your home.

We'll start by testing a small sample of your upholstery, just to make sure its fabric and colors remain. Because materials are so varied-natural fibers, leather, polyester and vinyl to name a few-it is vitally important to employ suitable upholstery cleaning methods and technology for your furniture.

Our experienced technicians will analyze the exact fabric type of each upholstered piece and choose the safest and most effective cleaning method possible.

What to Expect :

1.Pre-Inspection for damage or any potential permanent stains.
2.Area Preparation we will move other furniture to give space.
4.Pre-Treat stains and spills to emulsify the problem area.
5.Soil extraction and rinse.
6.Furniture Fabric Protection Applied (Cost Additional).
7.Speed drying time with blower.
8.Post inspection with client to review the cleaning

We are here for you evenings and weekends. With the fast pace of the world today we saw a need to offer convenient evening and weekend appointments. We are here for you 7 days a week from 6 AM until 10 PM for scheduled services and 24 hours a day for emergency flood clean ups and restorations. Our emergency response time is under 1 hour from the time you call.

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