Green Carpet Cleaning

The green cleaning products we use for office and house cleaning services are much milder and made especially to be used around children and pets. For example, the solution is made from natural ingredients, which results in a healthy and eco-friendly cleaning.

One of the most common problems with rugs, upholstery — even the ducts in your home — is their ability to trap and collect allergens and pet odors. This causes an unhealthy build up and recirculation throughout your living space. Fortunately, with regular professional cleaning, it's easy to have all traces of odors and allergens removed, ensuring your home is fresh, clean and allergen-free.

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Air Duct Cleaning Canyon Lake

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Water & Flood Damage At Sunny Steamers

24 hour flood damage services24Hr Emergency Water Extraction -- (Immediate Response Team Standing By)

Call (541) 621-3417 or (210) 909-5224 or (210) 319-9275

We will work Directly with your insurance Company

We can save you money on your Deductible

water & Flood Damage restorationWe have many years of experience working with homeowners, business, government agencies, and insurance companies. We specialize in the removal of spilled water, sewage, waste water, and mold from residential and commercial properties.

Standing water leads to mold, mildew and bacterial growths. These microorganisms may cause respiratory problems, or even more severe allergy type symptoms. Feature stories on television, and in the newspapers show the direct connection between mold, mildew and many health problems and damages to properties. Ordinary tap water, left standing, becomes brackish after a few days-providing a good medium for mold growth. "Gray-water" sewage (from sinks , showers and washing machines) provides an even richer growth environment for mold and dry rot. Raw sewage (from toilets and garbage disposals) can pose a very serious "biohazard" In addition to the health hazards, mold, mildew and their accompanying moisture can threaten structural elements in the foundation and inside surfaces. The results can range from mild odors, and growth on the sub-flooring, to extensive mold and mildew damage to the walls, flooring, ceilings, carpets and furniture. Left unattended, these conditions will be un salvageable.

We are here for you evenings and weekends. With the fast pace of the world today we saw a need to offer convenient evening and weekend appointments. We are here for you 7 days a week from 6 AM until 10 PM for scheduled services and 24 hours a day for emergency flood clean ups and restorations. Our emergency response time is under 1 hour from the time you call.


Call Us Today At (541)621-3417 or (210) 319--9275

  • We specialize in Water Damage and Structural Drying in residential and commercial properties.
  • Our competent technicians use modern, properly maintained and serviced equipment.
  • We use high quality, biodegradable products for treatment, and cleaning of structure, and contents.
  • Our technicians are certified and fully trained in restoration with special attention to decontamination.
  • We treat walls, and ceilings, as well as flooring, carpeting, and effects.


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